What to Expect

The ancient Warrior comes through the doorway, expecting sweat, hard work, and growth. The Warrior gives themselves over to training and instruction knowing their character will grow along with their body, effort showing in soundness of technique. The well-rounded Warrior steps onto the battlefield prepared for what’s to come.

Modern-day battlefields may be different, but the ancient practices of skilled warriors still apply. The Modern Warrior will grow in body, mind, and spirit as they whole-heartedly apply time-honored traditions and training to modern life.

Ninpo’s Budo Taijutsu is Aotake Dojo’s focus in empty hand training. We also practice classical Japanese Jujutsu, the progenitor of many modern day grappling styles. Weapons practice is essential to our training, and there are many to choose from. We believe in well-equipped warriors and train as such.

As you enter the doorway to Aotake Dojo you can expect the following:

  • A well-maintained atmosphere
  • Clear instruction and teaching
  • Order, harmony, and self-discipline
  • Satisfaction that comes with sweat and hard work.

Aotake Dojo Welcomes YOU!