About Aotake Dojo

Having been awarded her Shodan ranking in Ninpo Taijutsu in February of 2020 through the Ninpo US organization, she was awarded Stephanie Dunham became Dōjō-cho of Yaoki Dōjō in Newark, DE in April of 2022. In April of 2022 Stephanie was awarded Shodan in Japanese Jujutsu after rank testing. She has served the Newark area since September of 2020 offering training in Ninpo Taijutsu, Japanese Jujutsu, and weapons. In May of 2023 Ninpo US was shut down as an organization and Stephanie decided to move one and seek entry into another organization. In August of 2023, Stephanie sought entry into the Shisenkan International Kobudo Federation and was accepted by Ron Kosen Sensei as his student. Ron Kosen Sensei awarded Stephanie a new dōjō name, Aotake (Blue/green bamboo) Dōjō as an official dōjō of Shisenkan. Stephanie is excited about the future of Aotake Dōjō and welcomes anyone who wants to grow as a person to join her and her students in their new endeavors!

About Stephanie Dunham Sensei

Stephanie Dunham Sensei (Steph Sensei) is a firm believer in empowering others to be their best selves. Steph Sensei believes in taking ancient disciplines and traditions of Japanese warrior culture and applying them to modern needs. She enjoys teaching, but more importantly, she loves learning. Stephanie continues to train and work towards expanding her knowledge base for herself and her students. Steph Sensei believes in a holistic approach in training and works to achieve a balanced approach to mental, physical, and spiritual aspects of martial arts training. She loves to work with anyone interested in training, but especially loves working with women and kids. Stephanie Sensei believes that martial arts training is for anyone, regardless of limitations, who wishes to improve their lives.